How do I know my order is booked?

Customer will get SMS or mail notification against on their order booking if customer facing any issue on order booking or confirmation issue you can contact our customer care link.

How can I book a product for my friend ?

Select a product which you are going to gift your friend from buykart, click on product icon, click “Buy now” option followed by your shipping address of your friend, and process the payment option, and you will receive a confirmation from

I order a wrong product and my payment is deducted what to do now?

The customer can cancel the product before shipping the order and you will get paid. For more information, you can check the Return Policy.

Can I book an upcoming product?

Yes, You can book a product on pre-launch, but you will get your product only after launching, customer has to wait for this option.

Can I place an order by calling phone?

Yes, you can book your product by calling registered customer care number but we request all our customers to book your product by using our mobile app and shopping site and buykart will assist your booking process to make your work easy.

How to cancel multiple products selected in my cart?

Click the cart Icon on the right top screen, from there you can cancel the multiple products selected.

How to Change / Cancel Order?

You cannot change or exchange the product, but you can cancel the product.

Do you accept of product on promotions (old to new) ?

Yes, we give this facility on some promotional period to all our customer, the customer can exchange your old gadget to upgrade to a new gadget.

What to do if Product damage, Missing or incomplete?

Product damage: Our team takes special care of each order to ensure your order reaches you in perfect condition. On the odd occasion that you do receive a damaged item, please fill in the Returns Form by following the link below and case will be processed at the earliest possible.

Incomplete: Buykart will deliver the product which is available fast. And you will receive another product on next shipment.

Product Missing: We are really sorry we can understand your concern, buykart will assure the successful delivery without missing the product if you still have any issue, call our customer care are write a mail to

Will you help me to select a suitable product?

Yes, buykart will help the customer to select as per there requirement [for example. which TV size suitable to customer living room etc].


What is my return policy?

Return policy may vary on category, return timings and standard, for information Kindly check the Return Policy

How quickly can I return an item?

Within 10 return the product, without making any damage or spoiling the original condition of the product.days’ customer has to

What if I receive an item with a manufacturing defect?

Normally buykart will provide safe delivery to all our valuable customer but still, if you found the product is damaged, kindly return the product as per your Return Policy.


How do I track my order?

The customer can track your order status on, which is on the right side of home page corner, “Order Tracking” option, click the option and enter the order number which you have received to your mail or SMS.

If I am out of the location or missed the delivery how can I collect the product ?

Don’t worry if you missed the product our logistic team delivers the product on next day, or customer can call back to delivery agent number which is shared to the customer to collect you. If you still find it difficult, contact our Customer care in Email or call us on +971 42613319.

How safe you ship my product?

Don’t worry we take care of your product from packing till safe delivery by our logistics expert on time.

Will you charge me extra for delivery?

Buykart provide free shipping facility to all our customer who purchases from, but if any customer buying product bellow AED 100 products buykart will charge some nominal logistic cost.

Will you charge me if I return the product?

No, Buykart will not charge for returning the product except some special cases. For more information please check Return Policy.

Will you inform delivery status on time to time?

Yes, the customer will get mail, SMS and call notification before delivering the product.

How long it will take to reach my product?

We aim to deliver all product as soon as possible. Buykart promise to deliver in 24-48 hours from the time of ordering for local customers and 2-4 days for outskirts. The delivery option varies based on a category and product availability.                                                                                                            

Can I make payment from native debit?

Yes, the customer can make payment from their native debit card.

Do u accept cash & card payment on delivery?

Yes, we accept both services to our customer customers to make your purchase easy.

Will you accept all card?

Yes, we accept all national & international debit and credit cards.

Can I make payment from my friend card and how?

Yes, you can make payment from your friend card with his knowledge, by processing payment option after buy now.

My payment is deducted but the order is not confirmed?

In this case, write a mail to our or call us on +971 42613319.

How much do you charge for International Shipping?

Our international services are under development.  

Do u have monthly instalment payment option (EMI)?

Yes, we have an easy installment option for all our customer based on some terms and condition.

How will I get an invoice?

You will be receiving Invoice copy by the time of receiving the product and soft copy will be sent through your register Email id.

How you return payment if I cancel the order?

Customer will receive the refund based on Return and Refund policy.

How check my purchase history?

The customer can view their previous purchase, payment details, by clicking history option.


My concern is not listed I need to call a customer or write a mail to